Friday, 19 August 2011

Day 80: Manly to Bondi...FINISHED!!!

Wow I can't believe that the last day of the walk has arrived. The time has passed by so quickly that it feels like it was only 3weeks not 3months since I left.

I woke up quite early to make the most of the last day. Weather was ordinary to say the least. I think cyclone Larry has decided to do a John Farnham special and do a comeback tour starting down south. Boy it's windy today!

Skirted the north shore of Sydney in the early hours and although still dark the early morning light did give up a sneak peak at what must be the best harbour in the world. Old man Phillip said so when he found it in 88' and I don't think he was too far wrong.

As day broke I rounded Mosman penninsula and laid eyes on for only the 2nd time in my life the opera house and coat hanger. They looked so close I could almost touch them. This really is it. I'm actually in Sydney I thought to myself. But that was as far as any emotinal thought venured. Well it's more a case of mixed emotions really. On one side of the fence I felt elated to at long last be in sydney and on the other it felt a little sad to have to end this chapter. And although I did cross the finish line with Jane and Charlotte from Sydney's Oxfam team waiting, it doesn't in some respects feel like the end at all, for somewhere in the back of my mind I know there is much more to be done!

But for now this is it. I have finished my Walk Against Want. As much as I would like, I fear it would be impossble for me to try and summarize this long and epic journey right now. But through the highs and lows it has been an amazing experience and one which has raised a few dollars to help those living on the brink.

So if you haven't yet made a donation now is the time to do so! For those who doubted whether I could actually finish this walk you now have your answer. The walk was possible and likewise it's possible for you to make a real and significant difference in the lives of those living in poverty! Your donations and contributions to organisations like Oxfam are as vital as ever before and will litteraly save the lives of those living in the most abhorrent of circumstances. So please, before you do anything else, make a donation by calling Oxfam or follow the details below. Don't use the excuse that you don't haven't any money or your strapped at the moment. Compared to those in Africa right know all of us are living a life of luxury.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughtout the walk. There are many people who I should mention but I would undoubtedly miss one of the many out. Thanks to Lisa Hemmings from the Warwick Daily News and the many individuals and businesses from Warwick who got behind me for the walk. And lastly I couldn't have done this without the help and support of Mum and Dad. Thank you so very much to all. Although the walk is over I will keep a couple of more posts coming to keep everyone in the loop as to how the whole fundraising finished up.

So to donate call Oxfam on 1800 088 110 or log onto

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 79: Monavale to Manly

From the very start I never actually gave too much thought to Sydney. I never worried about the distance or how I might feel when if and when I might arrive. But now that I've stepped foot on Sydney's northern beaches the realization of how far I've come has smacked me In the face and awakened my senses.

The latest walks have by in large been much shorter than all previous others. But bcuade the end is in sight I think the butter is starting to melt. The bag weighs the same. The terrian is pretty easy and yet the shoulders seem to hurt more than ever. I kind of wish I wasnt aware of where the finish line lay. That way I wouldn't expect to be there any sooner and take any more notice of the niggles.

But Manly it is. And what a cracking day. Sun shining. Not a cloud in the sky.
After dong an inteview with the Manly Daily I was back on the streets in search of donations. Man it's tough getting donations sometimes. Like drawing blood from a stone. When I mention the walk to some people it's like an automatic switch is flicked and a pre-recorded 'no sorry Im not interested' is spurted ever so quickly from their lips. One lady in a chemist asked how I was going with the donations to which I replied it's pretty tough. She then remarked that I shouldn't have any trouble around here and with that went off to speak to the half dozen other staff members about donations. She came back with 1 gold dollar coin and affirmation 'you're right it is hard getting anything out of people.' But then there's some at the other end of the spectrum who take a genuine interet in the cause and offer what they can...even if it is just an ear or a word of encouragement. In my experience these are the minority but do provde an overwhelming amount of the inspiration to keep going.

So while Manly has been an absolute pleasure to visit, the search for donations here has been tough. If you're reading this for the first time and would like to donate please call Oxfam Australia on 1800 088 110 or log onto

Sydney town here I come!!!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 78: Ettalong Beach to Monavale

Ettalong is situated on the northern shore of the Brisbane Waters bay. To stick to my beach walking guidlines as closely as possible I caught the ferry across from ettalong to palm beach. Not long after stepping off the pontoon did the heavens open. Although only another short walk today it did rain for enough of the walk to make it irritating.

As I might have mentioned these posts will be short n sweet so I can spend most of my time in the afternoons funraising. So that's what off to do.

To make a tax deductible donation call Oxfam today on 1800 088 110 or follow the link:

thanks to all those people have donated or supported the walk against want already.

Day 77: Avoca Beach to Ettalong

Knocked off another 16k's today no worries.

Thanks to the Ettalong beach tourist resort for providing the accomodation and wonderful hospitality. If you're ever in the area you should most definitely make a stop at the Ettalong tourist resort. It has over 100 little CAfes; resturants shops and markets and cinemas all under the one roof and with a flavour of Italy. A rich vibrant cosy hub definitely worth your time.

These final days are flying by. Only 60km to

Don't forget to donate by calling Oxfam Australia on 1800088110 or jump onto:


Day 76: Terrigal to Avoca Beach

Nothing too excitng to report on here. Did the Terrigal to Avoca Beach.

A huge thankyou to the Avoca Beach Heritage Villas for putting me up for the night!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 75: The Entrance to Terrigal

Tramped to Terrigal today. A seaside town with million dollar views and million dollar villas to suit. Sure there's plenty of doe Ray me to go around but it wasn't the money which attracted me to this town. The people of Terrigal were so receptive to what I was doing and why and communicated a genuine belief in Oxfam and the need for their work and other charities like them. 9 out of 10 didn't hesitate for a moment to donate towards the cause and offer a word of encouragement. The support of terrigal and it's business community has given me a new found hope and faith in fundraising during these final days of the walk.

A sincere thanks to all those I met and spoke to in Terrigal today. Your support has warmed my heart and easily persuaded me to return someday soon.

Sydney is only 70km away. The finish line looms and I grow excited.

Please if you get a chance go swing a dollar or 2 my way by calling Oxfam 1800088110 or logging on to: those in the greatest need would be ever so grateful.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 74: Budgewoi to The Entrance

Smashed out 15km in 2.5hrs today. That's a speedy average of 6km/hr. Lucky there were no speed cameras on the road otherwise my wallet would be a lot lighter.

Arrived at The entrance at 852am and spent the next few hours on the hunt for donations. A few people mentioned they had seen me walking into town. I Thanked them for not offering me a lift.

Although only a short walk to town today the feet were kept busy until dusk. Off to bed...

Watch out Terrigal you're in my sights.

Call the crew at Oxfam on 1800088110 they'd love to take a donation on my behalf. Or give the credit card a little workout by loggin on to: and swing a very worthwhile and needed donation my way. Pleeease.