Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Training and Preparation

With only 3 sleeps left until my departure things are getting just a little bit nervous. Its difficult to tell if I'm making a dent in my joblist or not, but I'm sure things will come together by Sunday morning. Training has taken a back seat as I finalise all of the logistics. Completed a few dumby runs with the 25kg backpack and setting up camp. With final preparations coming to end though the excitement and realisation about getting on the road and on with the mission is setting in.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me with this venture so far. A particular thanks to Terry Partridge and the team at Regents Park IGA who genorously donated my food supplies for the walk. To all those following please keep those donations coming in. It's a long road to Sydney and the end of poverty.

Make sure your donate at: or call 1800 088 110. Every little bit helps and will go a long way towards helping those living in poverty. Thanks.