Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 75: The Entrance to Terrigal

Tramped to Terrigal today. A seaside town with million dollar views and million dollar villas to suit. Sure there's plenty of doe Ray me to go around but it wasn't the money which attracted me to this town. The people of Terrigal were so receptive to what I was doing and why and communicated a genuine belief in Oxfam and the need for their work and other charities like them. 9 out of 10 didn't hesitate for a moment to donate towards the cause and offer a word of encouragement. The support of terrigal and it's business community has given me a new found hope and faith in fundraising during these final days of the walk.

A sincere thanks to all those I met and spoke to in Terrigal today. Your support has warmed my heart and easily persuaded me to return someday soon.

Sydney is only 70km away. The finish line looms and I grow excited.

Please if you get a chance go swing a dollar or 2 my way by calling Oxfam 1800088110 or logging on to: those in the greatest need would be ever so grateful.

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