Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 79: Monavale to Manly

From the very start I never actually gave too much thought to Sydney. I never worried about the distance or how I might feel when if and when I might arrive. But now that I've stepped foot on Sydney's northern beaches the realization of how far I've come has smacked me In the face and awakened my senses.

The latest walks have by in large been much shorter than all previous others. But bcuade the end is in sight I think the butter is starting to melt. The bag weighs the same. The terrian is pretty easy and yet the shoulders seem to hurt more than ever. I kind of wish I wasnt aware of where the finish line lay. That way I wouldn't expect to be there any sooner and take any more notice of the niggles.

But Manly it is. And what a cracking day. Sun shining. Not a cloud in the sky.
After dong an inteview with the Manly Daily I was back on the streets in search of donations. Man it's tough getting donations sometimes. Like drawing blood from a stone. When I mention the walk to some people it's like an automatic switch is flicked and a pre-recorded 'no sorry Im not interested' is spurted ever so quickly from their lips. One lady in a chemist asked how I was going with the donations to which I replied it's pretty tough. She then remarked that I shouldn't have any trouble around here and with that went off to speak to the half dozen other staff members about donations. She came back with 1 gold dollar coin and affirmation 'you're right it is hard getting anything out of people.' But then there's some at the other end of the spectrum who take a genuine interet in the cause and offer what they can...even if it is just an ear or a word of encouragement. In my experience these are the minority but do provde an overwhelming amount of the inspiration to keep going.

So while Manly has been an absolute pleasure to visit, the search for donations here has been tough. If you're reading this for the first time and would like to donate please call Oxfam Australia on 1800 088 110 or log onto

Sydney town here I come!!!!

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